Going on Holiday? Please Read!

To assist us to give you appropriate and timely treatment and advice for Travel Vaccinations please read the below.

Holiday Vaccinations can be given well in advance of date of travel but need to be given as a minimum 2 weeks prior to travel date.

You need to be arranging your vaccinations ideally at minimum 6 weeks prior to travel.

Any requests made at 4 weeks or less prior to travel date cannot be guaranteed an appointment prior to travel date depending on demand.

Any vaccinations given less than 2 week prior to travel date are not guaranteed to be active.

Most travel vaccinations are provided at a cost (please ask for price).

If we are unable to meet these timescales we will advise you to attend a travel clinic in Sheffield, Doncaster, or Nottingham (these can easily be found and booked through the internet by the patient).

Required information when completing any information

  • Exact travel date
  • Exact destinations

Checking what vaccinations you need for your holiday please follow the below

  • Go to surgery website click onto the blue box ‘Travel Room’
  • Click onto ‘Fit for Travel’ under ‘Do you need Vaccinations?’
  • Click onto Destinations (along the top bar second in from the left)
  • Find the country you are traveling to in the list provided and click onto it
  • Click onto ‘Immunisations’ (second from the top)

This will provide you with the vaccinations you will potentially require.

Translations of information given on website regarding vaccinations needed.

  • Confirm primary courses and boosters are up to date as recommended for life in Britain – If you are up to date with your childhood and adult vaccinations this is already covered (such as tetanus)
  • Only at high risk – this means if you are traveling off the beaten track, not on an arranged holiday or hotel, going to work/live with the population
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate required from travellers aged 1 year or over arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission – If you are travelling from this country you do not need this.

You only need Yellow fever if the information states: Yellow fever vaccination certificate required for all travellers aged 9 months or over.