Prescription Request Changes to be Made

The best way to order your repeat medication is online.

In light of the current events we are trying to reduce the number of people entering the building to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all. As a result we are no longer accepting prescription requests in paper form or verbally at our reception desks.

We also will be ensuring that all prescription requests are sent directly to a pharmacy so we are asking you to ensure you tell us who your nominated pharmacy is at the point of ordering so that we can update your medical records for all future use. This will mean you don’t need to collect the paper prescription from the surgery which will save time you as well.

You can also request your medication via our automated telephone service by contacting the surgery on the usual number and selecting option 1.

All repeat prescriptions are carefully monitored at the surgery.

Your review date will be shown on the tear off slip attached to your prescription, if you need to be seen you will be contacted by the surgery.

The prescription will be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy within 2 working days.

Please remember to take weekends and bank holidays into account when ordering medication.

The practice will remove medication that has not been ordered for more than 12 months. This is to make sure patients get the right medication and that there is no interaction with other drugs – increasing patient safety and reducing harm.

It is usually better for patients to take the minimum number of medications required. All drugs have side effects so the more different medications you take, the more side effects you are likely to have. There are also some medications that react with others so by not taking unnecessary medication you reduce the chances of such an issue.